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Suzhou Health College BD intravenous therapy training cooperation projects – Beijing scholarship award in new network on 30 September, Suzhou Health College BD intravenous therapy training project grants scholarship award ceremony was held on September 28th. Suzhou Health College President Lv Junfeng, vice president, Luo Xiaoqing Wen Caifen, Dean of the medical school of BD Greater China director of public affairs and communications, Ms. Wei Chunyan, BD China government affairs director Mr. Li Ping, award-winning students, and nearly 160 of each grade of nursing teachers and students to participate in the ceremony. At the same time, the United States vascular access expert Josie Ms. Stone conducted a lively open class for teachers and students in the school, sharing the new progress in the field of intravenous infusion therapy. Data show that China’s 90%~95% hospitalized patients need intravenous infusion therapy; 75% of the nurses working time per day and engaged in the treatment of transfusion related to the infusion of peripheral venous access of 99%. In recent years, with the extensive application of indwelling needle in peripheral blood transfusion, its operation has become a basic skill of nurses. The nursing students in school is still dominated by scalp needle indwelling needle for operation, the skills of learning in the job usually to complete, not only increased after the induction of new nurses working pressure, also increased the workload of the clinical teaching hospital. In May last year, BD China and Suzhou Health College to cooperate with the BD static training program for three years. The project created a new platform for cooperation between BD China and nursing college. In the course of the students to join the operation skills of the indwelling needle training, and the addition of operational assessment. At the same time will be included in the industry standard and the standard intravenous infusion of the latest daily in the course of teaching, and the creation of open courses related to intravenous treatment, help the interns to advance understanding of the existing operation practice of hospital, to quickly convert the transition and role for the hospital training and delivery of more static treatment of professional talents, and improve college graduates the inaugural competition rate. In order to cooperate with the development of school teaching, to provide more opportunities for students to practice training, for the clinical training of more professionals. BD China to the school provides samples and indwelling needle puncture vascular model for teaching and students’ practice, and for the outstanding achievements of students awarded scholarships, grants issued by the team of outstanding teachers, to encourage. After the ceremony, the leaders of the two sides on the future planning of cooperation projects were discussed in depth, and look forward to the long-term cooperation between the two sides, for the clinical training of more professionals in the field of static therapy.相关的主题文章: