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Legal The government runs on money but where from this money comes? They come from the people of the country. We, citizens of the USA, pay to the government for one reason or the other. The USA uses several types of taxes to get the money to run its day-to-day governance. These include sales tax, property tax, estate tax, income tax, etc. So, tax is basically a compulsory payment that we make to our government. There are several other types of taxes too apart from those mentioned before. These include the following: 1) Corporate tax 2) Investment tax 3) Expatriate tax 4) International company tax. The tax code is also known as the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. The recent recession has resulted in several measures on the part of the government to recover the economy. World Trade Organization, a subsidiary of United Nations, has warned the US government about budget deficits. The deficits will be a direct result of the temporary tax cuts carried out to boost the economy. There are several different forms that need to be filled up in relation to submitting information related to tax. These include filing Form-1040 with the Internal Revenue System. Taxation can be confusing, and it is better to ask for help if you do not understand a certain detail. Whether you did not file returns for a considerable time, or you are in a hassle regarding taxation in Maryland, you require competent legal assistance. US tax structure is known to be progressive in nature. The concept of progressive taxation should be clarified in this context. A progressive tax is a type of taxation structure where big income earners have to pay more tax and small earners pay small tax. A person can get his tax calculated by two methods: Regular tax calculation involves deducting any applicable deductions from the gross income. There you will apply the percentage tax as per the tax bracket of the taxpayer. Alternative Minimum tax is the second method to pay tax to the government. In this method of tax computation, tax is calculated on the gross income. It is not based on any other preference items (like those that can be exempted from tax). This second method of tax computation has lesser number of deductions and exemptions. In 2000, the Silicon Valley (the IT hub in the USA) was caught unprepared under the Alternative Minimum method of tax calculation. This method of tax computation has tried to plug loopholes to avoid tax. In case of filing tax or any dispute arising out of tax, a Maryland resident should contact a MD Tax Lawyer . This should be done at the earliest to avoid any mistake while filing returns or avoid legal hassles if there is any such mistake on your part. About the Author: Ashley Smith, a contributor to legal journals, offers helpful tips on the right approach to tax related issues, like taxation law procedures. In case you require advice from a MD Tax Lawyer for tax related issues, the website of would be of great help in this context. Article Published On: – Legal 相关的主题文章: