The 2016 Hangzhou marathon tomorrow at 32000 players into the history of the largest nrf905

The 2016 Hangzhou marathon tomorrow at 32000 players into the largest in the history of this Sunday is at eight tomorrow morning, the thirtieth Hangzhou marathon will be run in the Huanglong Sports Center. This is the largest ever participated in the activities of Ma Hang, the light of the official contestants will have 32000 people, the country will focus on this has the most beautiful runway marathon race. So, if you’re going to hang horse, are you ready? 1 have you got the bag? Today is the last day of the horse to receive the package, if you do not receive the package, you have to go to the collar. Receive location is the Huanglong Sports Center Tennis Hall, near the South Gate of Qiushi Road, from nine a.m. to nine p.m.. Participants have sweaters, bag number cloth, race guide, electronic timing chip, some food and drinks, four things, please be sure to carry the day run. Important thing – please be sure to bring the original ID card, as well as the confirmation letter of the entry, or less than. 2 please try green travel from today until tomorrow, all the end of Hangzhou Ma event, Hangzhou Hangzhou Ma Road will be involved in traffic control, in addition to tournament vehicles, the contestants are private cars can not enter the Hangzhou horse game area, so please do green travel preparation. Take the bus and subway arrived at the Huanglong starting point aside, if you are riding to, can be in the Huanglong Road (Xixi road to the North) on both sides of the sidewalk and along the way to allow non motor vehicles parked in place orderly parking, is strictly prohibited in the Huanglong Sports Center a ring road (Nantong road to the east south area, Huanglong Stadium (Road) Huanglong stadium gate to the dawn of the road section) on the west side of the road parking. In addition, if you are a half marathon runner, end point in the vicinity of Xiaoshan International Expo Center, the organizers prepared a free parking lot where. 3 from now on can raise up the marathon is an extreme sport, the need for each runner in the game, the game and after the game to pay close attention to their physical reaction. Specifically, love drinking running friends, the best two days to stop, to love friends, these two days are the best to go to bed early, to ensure adequate sleep. On the day of the game, be sure to eat at breakfast time, but do not eat fried, too sweet and meat type breakfast, it will have a heavy burden on your stomach, adverse to the body. 4 new equipment is not the better horse knows, Hangzhou Ma went to buy a pair of new shoes and high-tech paltrily, old running shoes tend to be more suitable for your foot type, help you finish the course. Experts suggest that in about a year of running shoes, will make running more comfortable in the hand of Hangzhou ma. In addition, socks should be thick, cotton; sports shorts thin a little good, conducive to heat dissipation.相关的主题文章: