The center of the world release today for the first time with Yang Zi Zhang Huiwen Ou Hao frame ente adobe gamma

"The center of the world" release today for the first time with Yang Zi Zhang Huiwen Ou Hao frame – Sohu entertainment ouhao Zhang Huiwen tears hug Yang Zi plays "another summer" click to enter [HD Photo] entertainment Sohu directed by renowned director Guo Zairong love movies "in the center of the world calls" love from Ou Hao, Zhang Huiwen, Yang big violet three popular star, this is the three actors for the first time cooperation. At the same time, the film also assembled Gao Taiyu, warm heart and other cutting-edge stars, Yao Lu, Li Qinqin, Yang Tongshu also has the strength of other veteran stars. A new interpretation of the classic IP   Guo Zairong ten years grinding sword "call for love" adapted from the novel of the same name and film in the center of the world, the original had a record 7 million copies of the best-selling record in Asia, the film version is more popular in 80, 90, known as the "Asian youth film originator". Director Guo Zairong has said that in order to adapt to the contemporary public aesthetic, will retain the essence of the original at the same time to change, for the audience to bring a new temperament and experience." A "love movie Godfather" reputation of the famous director Guo Zairong who directed the popular love movie "My Sassy Girl" and "classic", the new version of "love" is in the center of the world calls Guo Zairong ten years of preparations for. Guo Zairong said, the original is his idea of classic No.1, in order to restore the hearts of their "World Center", after years of grinding of the script, will be in your own style to show a new story. The most beautiful memories of Love waves   life experience is the most painful movie "turning out love" with memories of the way the body in the center of the world, tells the story of a follow the memory of love looking for the world center of the beautiful love story. The story not only depicts the lives of young people today, but also a more perfect picture of the campus life of the last century in 90s. Which ouhao played Kodak Europe along the route of memory, re open the dust laden past those years, buried in the bottom of my heart, and when the young age of the angel girl — Zhang Huiwen’s summer. Fresh summer, boys and girls shy ignorant youth presented one by one in the movie, "only if the first sign of life" as the beautiful memories of the first love of the beautiful shows between the lines. But the best time is fleeting, two had experienced a twist of fate, distressed about life experience, fate in the summer and summer let Kodak first experienced the most painful changes to the most beautiful. Ouhao truth interpretation of "ten years"   Zhang Huiwen sweet adorable ouhao as Kodak has experienced ten years of span in the movie, from the sentimental adorable 17 year old to stay alone came of age at 27. Hao Hao has said that he will be the truth all condensed in the role, the intention to interpret the role of Kodak, a lot of crying is also a big challenge for themselves. The same summer before and after the image of Zhang Huiwen’s great differences, from the fresh young girl to bed qiruoyousi Candle In The Wind, let people love dearly. Director Guo Zairong at the premiere of the two actors in their praise, not only very dedicated, also said that "two actors to give their best performance since.相关的主题文章: