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Sports-and-Recreation Cricket is one such game that tops the list amongst all games not only in India but across the world. Many brands thrive on this game. Cricket fans flooding the seats in a stadium during a cricket match and many glued to the television and quite many accessing the Internet every now and then to view cricket scores live well validate the fanfare. Nothing can .e between the viewer and the match such is the intensity of the love for the game. Catching up with every new ball and the run taken on the field at the same time keeping a track of the cricket scores live is a humdrum affair for cricket fanatics. Every alternate day or at lease once a week some T20 match or test cricket or inter-state match or a one-dayer international match take place to keep up the cricket enthusiasm alive. In any case if one is traveling or stuck up in office or college or school, catching up with the live cricket scores is a prerequisite. This is met via the mobile phone; a subscription enables one to live cricket scoreboard alerts from time to time or the Inter. or the television. News channels flash cricket news live whether it is an inter-state or national or international level match. The unparalleled ecstasy and excitement of cricket news live can be felt amongst the cricket lovers who stop by any shop to catch a glimpse of the live cricket scores. The latest under cricket news is about the uproar created or national embarrassment after a cricket match between India and Sri Lanka on 27th December 2009 was called off because of an unfit pitch. It was the final one-day international match played between the two countries at Feroz Shah Kotla ground in Delhi. As per that days live cricket scoreboard, Sri Lanka, batting first, scored 83 for 5 in the 24th over. Suddenly after cricket board officials deemed the pitch unfit to play, the umpires stopped the game. Nevertheless, India has already been declared the winner and the match would not have altered the series result. The cancellation has also raised questions of doubt for the hosting of four more matches scheduled for the 2011 World Cup. The incident has left a scar in the face of the national capitals cricket stadium raising heaps of scorn from general masses and sponsors alike. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: