The grand 929 million yuan ending comments suggested the auction need to change

The grand 929 million yuan ending comments proposed auction cases and the need to change the source: surging news Chinese Guardian 2016 autumn auction in November 12th official Kaichui, will continue to 16. The autumn auction launched 39 special, including 14 night games, covering Chinese painting, twentieth Century and contemporary art, porcelain, jade, stone carving statues, furniture, and other categories. Among them, the most talked about grand and modern "and" grand and ancient "two special on the weekend" grand, mixed, modern "concert on the evening of 12 Juchui, several important works of Fu Baoshi, Qi Baishi, Zhang Daqian, Wu Hufan are concerned, especially Zhang Daqian" maxmate sunny the peak figure "to 103 million 500 thousand yuan turnover, finally," grand and modern "concert achieved a total turnover of 622 million 700 thousand yuan. 13 Juchui "Grand View — Chinese calligraphy treasures, the ancient night special selection of the Ming and Qing Dynasties calligraphy, painting and stone rubbings 93 pieces of works, the special turnover amounted to 307 million yuan. "Grand" two a total turnover of 929 million yuan, although Zhang Daqian Juran "Qingfeng" break billion turnover problem shot success, but still conceal "ancient" special half flow. In addition, China’s contemporary art sector is also a concern. But market observers pointed out that China’s auction market is still a lot of strange situation, should be changed. The first day of the auction "brand special grand — Chinese calligraphy treasures night and modern" Scene bursting with popularity, fierce collectors auction. After more than four hours of fighting, finally achieved a total turnover of 622 million 700 thousand yuan. Zhang Daqian Juran "Qingfeng map", Zhang Daqian’s "maxmate Qingfeng map" starting to 58 million yuan, after several rounds of bidding, 90 million yuan hammer, the transaction price reached 103 million 500 thousand yuan, becoming the first billion auction auction. Qi Baishi "Qi Baishi" "Lotus College" in 1995 by the China Lianchi academy "Yang Yongde Qi Baishi painting and calligraphy special release, at the time the auction price reached 1 million 980 thousand, a record Qi Baishi’s auction record. The auction starting to 15 million yuan, 46 million yuan hammer, closing price of 52 million 900 thousand yuan. Fu Baoshi Fu Baoshi "good scenery" striking "good scenery" 20 million yuan Qipai, after several rounds of competition, and ultimately to 57 million 500 thousand yuan hammer, the transaction price of 66 million 125 thousand yuan. Wu Hufan "beautiful" grand evening Qifeng "everyone" series "I see how charming Castle — the family of Wu Hufan, the special status of" special key works of Wu Hufan "beautiful" Qifeng valuation of 10 million -2000 million yuan, the final transaction price of 40 million 825 thousand yuan. The other focuses on auction, Wu Guanzhong’s "the lion forest" valuation of 20 million -3000 million yuan, Xie Zhiliu, Pan Boying "and" Hebi Book Valuation of 12 million -1800 million yuan, ultimately failed to clinch a deal. After the "grand and ancient" auction, Chinese Guardian vice president Guo Tong said in an interview yesterday, the end of the "grand and modern" in"相关的主题文章: