The Imperial Palace city wall to meet the most thorough overhaul of the drainage system upgrade reshacker

The Imperial Palace walls welcome the most complete overhaul of the upgrading of drainage system in the Imperial Palace yesterday, Xihua gate engineering staff in the north, Chengzhuan measurement data. On the same day, the Imperial Palace city wall renovation project and infrastructure renovation and transformation of a pilot project officially started. This version of photography Beijing News reporter Pu peak Beijing News (reporter Huang Ying) the walls of the Forbidden City was built in 1420, after nearly 600 years of wind and frost baptism, suffering from a lot of senile disease". In order to make it "longevity", the Imperial Palace will be listed as one of the four wall protection engineering research of repair and protection project, recently affected the most serious Xihua gate 233 meters north region has launched the most thorough renovation since the new China established. At the same time with the repair of the wall, as well as the transformation of infrastructure projects. There are currently supporting infrastructure equipment aging, lack of supply capacity and other risks, the first phase of the pilot in the southwest region will be more than 20 kinds of pipelines unified induction into the underground pipe gallery 3 meters wide. The wall had at least 9 "elderly" yesterday the Imperial Palace West River line, a north-south close to the northwest corner of the city wall, workers were busy in the top brick size measurement. Build scaffolding and wrapped in red protective nets, for this nearly 600 year old old city wall to do the surgery preparation. According to the Imperial Palace museum director Dan Jixiang introduction, "born" in 1402, "grown up" in 1420, the foundation walls of the Forbidden City, after thousands of years of development, inheritance and evolution, to the Ming and Qing Dynasties era has become a highly sophisticated construction technology, but also make it become the example of Ming and Qing official wall building, I in China the largest and best preserved imperial palace wall, occupy an important position in the history of Chinese fortification, also contains the ancient political system, military engineering and materials, the city changes and other information. In the past 600 years, a total length of 3437.6 meters (according to the wall wall outer calculation, the total length of free city station is 2914.3 meters (9.528 meters high), just three feet the whole wall) have infirm, suffered from at least 9 "senile diseases". Among them, the surface layer of brick weathering, weathering, away from the drum, and the drum from the regional relative bulging, the drum expansion capacity of up to 20 cm; the side wall has a plurality of vertical cracks, wall masonry mortar for multiple upper erosion and loose, missing; wall ground along crack line development of rammed earth; the ground subsidence, erosion, wall surface and side faces of grass or vines. The wall after the renovation will be opening to the outside walls of the Forbidden City also experienced a few "surgery", such as 30 years of Qianlong, once East, north of Xihua repair door wall ground collapse; in 1990, Xihua gate to part of the collapsed 150 meters north and repair. Yesterday, the Imperial Palace officially announced the launch of the first phase of renovation project for the Xihua region to repair the wall, door on the north side of the first historical archives of North K0+330 to K0+563 section, a total of 233 meters, is the most serious area of senile disease ". According to the existing information, the section of the wall in the last century from 50s to 70s, there are two local repair records; in the last century in 90s.相关的主题文章: