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The man said he saved Sun Sanren before the death of his father at the portrait of Wang Yongchao looking for witnesses, quietly weeping 26 days ago, 35 year old West Yibin city streets Whitehead community youth Wang Yongchao sudden illness, died in hospital. After his son after the funeral, father Wang Yubing suddenly thought, son’s last day claimed to have rescued a child at the Jinsha River. Wang Yongchao was diagnosed with chronic renal failure and chronic glomerulonephritis in 2009. Orders in the front one is "pay attention to rest, prevent colds, usually the family never let him touch the cold and hard work etc.. Families suspect Wang Yongchao’s sudden illness, may be associated with the cold water to save the. Even the day, father Wang Yubing in the Jinsha River was looking for, "we hope to find witnesses or be saved, that son (save) statement." Wang Yubing stressed that he tried to save his son just want granddaughter grow up, he can proudly tell her: your father died before rescue. Brainstem hemorrhage onset to death only more than 3 hours of Wang Yubing live in a crowded houses, furniture is more than a dozen years ago, looks very simple. Today, the only son of Wang’s death, the family left two old men and only a granddaughter of only four years old. Speaking of his son, 59 year old mother Huang can not help but wipe tears. Huang Rongkun clearly remember: August 13th at 4 o’clock, hot weather. Wang Yongchao said to his daughter Wang Fang (a pseudonym) to the Jinsha river ice cool, by the way the child legs grow prickly heat. More than 6 in the evening, Wang Yongchao and her daughter went home, just met for dinner. Wang Yongchao said he did not want to eat, he went back to his room. I saw him take the phone apart, with a small fan blowing." In the face of the parents asked, Wang Yongchao casually said he jumped into the river to save a child. When in 10, Wang Yongchao suddenly shouted twice "mom". Wang Yubing heard the news from the bedroom, see the son lying in the living room of the bed, face purple, has been very difficult to speak. Wang Yongchao tried pounding his chest and said: "I am going to die." 14 at 1:20, Wang Yongchao was declared dead by doctors. From the onset to death is only more than 3 hours." Brain stem hemorrhage". This reporter consulted the West doctor, the doctor said that there are many causes of brain stem hemorrhage, kidney disease is one of them. Suffering from kidney disease and not to hurt his wife and son divorce experience, Wang parents are feeling the son of fate. 2004, Wang Yongchao after graduation, and his girlfriend, Tully (a pseudonym) at the same time into a company in Yibin. Wang Yongchao and Tully married in 2006. In February 26, 2009, the Chongqing Department of Nephrology, Third Military Medical University Xinqiao hospital diagnosed, Wang Yongchao suffering from chronic renal insufficiency (hydrogen azotemia period) and chronic glomerulonephritis, IgA nephropathy belongs to the class IV. One of the doctor’s advice is to pay attention to rest, prevent colds". After the diagnosis of kidney disease, Wang Yongchao quickly lost the ability to work. In order not to hurt the newly married wife, he repeatedly do the work of Tully, two people divorce. Wang Yongchao’s friend, Li Zhexin, told reporters that, later, he learned to do manual cattle candy, just before the death of the road to the road, just before the death of相关的主题文章: