The most beautiful community workers, Chen Yan let the old district glow new vitality sugus

"The most beautiful community workers," Chen Yan let the old district coruscate new vitality Chen Yan (left two) and the exchange of service. Fuzhou News Network (micro-blog) November 17th news (Fuzhou Daily Reporter Mok (micro-blog) Jiang Yachen in November, Chen Yan thinks to) more and more busy. Taijiang District, the Red Star plots of old house in the area of collection soon, as Kim Doo community party secretary, director of the neighborhood of her, not only for the community affairs every day, but also the collection of related work. The residents returned home from work, she would start street, carry out home work. "Never be too busy trying to solve problems for the masses." Chen Yan said. For the elderly community launched the "happy home delivery" service in July 2009 to Jin Dou community office, Chen Yan habit every day at 7:30 in the morning to work at night, after the peak of work habits. "Not only can take care of those who go to work time not free to act the residents, I also reduced the time spent in traffic, Why not??" This period of time, because Chen Yan was busy moving home, rarely appeared in the office. "Community workers are on the phone, and office phones will be transferred to my cell phone if no one answers." Chen Yan said, even if it is late at night to receive a phone call, she will not be vague treatment. Community elderly, mobility, how to provide convenient services? This year, Chen Yan launched the community members benefit by mutual discussion launched the happy home delivery "service. Today, whether it is home care, housekeeping, property services, or government, health care, legal services, as long as a phone call, residents can enjoy the convenience of emergency services and door-to-door. On the first page of page 12 page back to do community work lies in the "heart" of the people, to solve practical problems than to say what works." Chen Yan believes that the secret of doing community work is nothing more than "hard" two words, listen to the demands of the masses, consider ourselves a solution. Xu sister was originally fighting community residents, married to Taiwan last century. In the other side, when they heard that the son in Fuzhou for fighting in prison, badly read her immediately rushed back. Due to illegal immigration, Xu elder sister into "identity", Taiwan husband a divorce. Multiple attack, Xu elder sister on the streets, even with alcohol abuse, often with shindy. Chen Yan learned that Xu elder sister’s situation with her ran several departments, to help her apply for low back, "identity", but also for her to guarantee, to apply for public rental housing over the foot of the. For her sake, we almost broke our legs." Chen Yan said, a sister’s son was released from prison after specifically to the community. He said that the community for his mother to do all the things, he kept in mind, in the future he must live a good life, no longer illegal. Today, although it is no longer a golden bucket community residents, Xu sister still come back from time to time, do some volunteer service. 20 years old district coruscate new vitality of the public awareness of democracy continues to improve, more and more attention to the interests of the demands. This makes Chen Yan realize that community work must adapt to the new situation, to guide service type change. So she decided to innovate the community management mechanism to mobilize residents to participate in community governance. "A lot of Jinan apartments and village residents and street stores reflect their influence, high-altitude parabolic;相关的主题文章: