The murderer is burning brain laughing humor roadshow ending fierce touch webquest

"The murderer is" ending burning brain laughing humor roadshow touch fierce Sina entertainment news "" sun burning heart directed by Cao Baoping, Liu Ye, Zhang Yi [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Duan Bowen, Wang Ziwen, Tan Zhuo, Wang Yanhui [micro-blog], North Yan, Sun Lei starred in the movie "the murderer" has also in the country today release. When the film was released on the main campus, came to Chongqing Changchun screening activities. Director Cao Baoping, starring Yan came to the north, said the small Hongkong, Chongqing, starring Liu Ye, and then came to the hometown of Changchun, Liu Ye. So far, 10 day long "also" murderer "crime to have a range of children in line in the two station activities perfect ending. Near the Mid Autumn Festival, director Cao Baoping, Yan North scene to bring the blessing of the mid autumn festival. While Liu Ye is in the scene thanks the home crowd, sharing the drama father and son. The two station event, not only creative and chat with the audience of film creation and creative drip, send moon cake with the audience and spend the Mid Autumn Festival, full of warmth. The two station site viewing audience have said: "the murderer" also "humor, the Mid Autumn Festival is the preferred viewing." The funny and burning brain "Mid Autumn Festival moon smile touched the movie" fierce "hunt also" continuation of director Cao Baoping has been polished by this type of crime suspense, more black humor style to show an ironic, but has deep humanity speculative story. Director Cao Baoping at the scene joked: "we have to tell friends this is a comedy, look at the time found that there is no crime, will surprise." In the two days before the Beijing Premiere of the director Cao Baoping said: "compared with the previous" sun burning heart "," Xing "is more relaxed, humorous, fun. With the vicissitudes of life, of course, the premise is the crime and the fickleness of the world." High strength is the plot of director Cao Baoping has been the creation of "Xing" insist, also in the suspense scenes has become a highlight, but the director Cao Baoping bluntly: "the murderer" is not afraid of spoilers, even know the outcome, watching will also have surprises, pay more attention to the completion of each movie actor and color." The movie when the Mid Autumn Festival, Chongqing "activities in the hunt family to a big reunion, sorry to attend the Liu Ye and Zhang Yi expressed to the Chongqing audience wishes through recording. More "the sister" site "please send large moon cake to celebrate the mid autumn hunt family". Director Cao Baoping said: This is a relaxed, with some black humor works, it is suitable for Mid Autumn Festival and friends to watch, I hope to accompany you to spend a happy mid autumn festival." Liu Ye shared the drama off screen with the father and son home crowd in the Mid Autumn Festival reunion and Changchun exchange activities, Liu Ye scene with Changchun words with old family interaction, and the home audience expressed gratitude: "my house is on Hongqi Street, will come back every year, my relatives and friends here, thank you for the pro brother view movie." A few words of the northeast, the enthusiasm of the audience pushed to the high point. Duan Bowen of Sichuan Changchun scene soared from words is underlined: "do it, there is no applause?" The audience also gave him the most enthusiastic response. Liu Ye also recalled the days before, but also remember those streets, although now not often back, but also when相关的主题文章: