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Travel-and-Leisure Thailand is a mystical place, filled with a blend of tradition, religion, and beautiful architecture. Now, more than ever, tourists and vacationers are realizing the beauty that can be found in Thailand, and are traveling there to enjoy seeing the majesty of Thailands temples. In Thailand, travelers can appreciate sacred religious buildings, statues, and artifacts; admire the amazing scenery; and enjoy delicious cuisine, all at the same time. Many travelers plan a visit to Thailand with a particular focus in mind: seeing the temples of Thailand. Thailands culture is a mixture of influence from Cambodia, Southeast Asia, and India, creating a very unique culture indeed. Buddhism is the national religion and respect towards ancestors and towards religion is essential in this culture. That is why there are so many different temples throughout Thailand there are over 31,000. Historically, temples played an integral part, often surviving war and invasion when other buildings did not. And the temples are also extremely important in everyday life, shaping society by bringing values to the cities that they are located in. If you are planning a visit Thailand, there are a number of temples you should consider exploring. There are a specific few that should definitely make your list: * Ancient Palace The ancient temple is officially called Wat Phra Si san Phet. This temple was the largest temple in the area and was used as a royal palace during its history. The main attraction is a .plex at the entrance to the palace which has a number of buildings that visitors can wander through to get a feel for the ancient past of this beautiful temple. * Wihan Phramongkhon Bophit This temple is special because it contains one of the largest bronze Buddha statues that can be found in Thailand. It was restored in the 1950s and was the first site for royal cremations. * Wat Chaiwatthanaram This beautiful temple is a must-see for those who are visiting Thailand for the first time. It was built in 1630 on the Chao Phraya River and was designed to look much like temples that can be found in Cambodia. There are over 100 Buddha images and statues in the building, and most travelers state that it is one of the most peaceful and mystical temples that a visitor to the area can enjoy. The temples of Thailand are much more than historical and religious structures; they are magical as well, prompting thousands of visitors every year, regardless of their religious beliefs, to flock to these amazing and beautiful sites. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: