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The old man lost children served death compensation to the original title: daycarecenter old man lost the death of the family court compensation JINGWAH times dispatch (reporter Zheng Yujia) 94 year old Liu Heng (a pseudonym) from the daycare center lost in landfill has been found dead, so the family awarded 200 thousand yuan. Because the compensation was grandson Liu Jianqiang (a pseudonym) takes 3 uncle Liu Jianqiang and the court. Yesterday, the reporter was informed that the Miyun court Liu Jianqiang belong to unjust enrichment, should be returned to the 3 uncle each 50 thousand yuan. In July 28, 2014, a 94 year old Liu Heng from the daycare center lost. In the same year in August 1st to find a garbage dump in Miyun, but the old man has died. After consultation, the families of the elderly daycare center one-time compensation 200 thousand yuan. In the transfer, served as the old man’s grandson Liu Jianqiang, transferred the money into their bank account. To this end, 3 Liu Jianqiang’s uncle Liu Jianqiang to court, request the return of his share. The court found that: Liu Heng and granny Zhang Yunlan (died of illness in 1952) has four sons, Liu (died 1993, Liu Dazhi’s wife died in 1994), Liu Er, Liu San and Liu, four, Liu Jianqiang, Liu Dazhi sub. Liu Heng lost after the death of their families and the daycare center responsible person signed an agreement, agreed by the daycare center one-time compensation 200 thousand yuan; all the responsibility and do not pursue the two sides signed the agreement, after served by bank transfer 200 thousand yuan will be remitted to Liu Jianqiang bank account. In the process of hearing, Liu Jianqiang said 200 thousand yuan, the payment of the daycare dispute personal "hush money", but did not provide any evidence to prove. The court held that there was no legal basis for the loss of others due to improper interests, and should be returned to the person who suffered losses. On the basis of ascertaining the truth, the 200 thousand yuan of litigation system served by Liu Heng lost old death, a one-time compensation for their families, the legal successors should belong to Liu Heng’s total. As one of the successors of Liu Jianqiang, Liu Heng has no right to occupy all the compensation. Liu Er, Liu San and Liu four as the heir of Liu Heng, for the part of the right to request the return of inheritance, Liu Jianqiang returned 3 uncle judgment each 50 thousand yuan. In February this year, because Liu Jianqiang did not take the initiative to pay the case, Liu Er, Liu and Liu four apply to the court for enforcement, the implementation of the payment of more than 3 yuan has been paid by the president of the Yuan Dynasty, the Chinese government has already paid more than $to the court. In view of the two sides of the family, in July the two sides agreed that Liu Jianqiang had to come up with some of their monthly wages for the fulfillment of obligations, is still in further performance. Editor: Ni Zijian相关的主题文章: