The residents of Huaihua District discovered Cobra security community timely capture (video) footman

The residents of Huaihua District discovered Cobra community "capture" safe and timely Title: Huaihua residential district discovered Cobra security community timely "capture" ("casual visitor" was successfully captured Cobra) Huaihua news network "the snake was finally caught, we can rest assured." In November 7th, residents of the community to Ms. Qiaodong Hongjiang District, the author tells the story of a thing, even to let the community would. One day in mid October, the River Road Street East Community wood factory next to the dormitory a casual visitor "– a poisonous cobra, constantly raise snake with its tongue out to the crowd, let nearby residents panic. The East community news timely report to the relevant departments, request to arrange catching the snake, but this snake is quietly hidden. In order to eliminate hidden dangers and prevent snakes wounding, the community and residents find a snake master, after half a month of November 7th, you squat, finally in the wood factory dormitory near the community system once again found the cobra trail, where residents are also afraid. Snake master found Cobra hiding in a corner, sometimes raised to smugglers to the crowd, climbed to hide in the corner. In order to prevent the snake attacked people, grasping the snake master timely evacuation of nearby residents, and slowly near the corner, when the snake exposed in the corner of the cave, grasping the snake master sticks the snake into a corner, quickly hand hold the snake, catch the snake and put it in the cage. That Cobra was arrested, nearby residents have to grasp the master of the community and snake point praise. (Lin Zhenlin Wang Hong) (Huaihua News Network) video recommendation: Cobra body abnormality appears a second picture of people did not dare to believe相关的主题文章: