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"The sparrow" Dongyu Zhou premiere silly white sweet role too stupid to worry about being called sparrow _20 > > > click on the video to watch "sparrow" Tencent, Tencent entertainment TV drama "sparrow" is hit, has aired the story, "the team repeatedly Xu in danger, triggered a large audience of Xu" people tucao. In the fixed gear conference earlier, Dongyu Zhou said she felt the role was "stupid", worried that the audience would not love broadcast, so at the time of the shooting, she had tried to be "Adorable" role to the direction of building. Dongyu Zhou Premiere "silly white sweet" self deprecating role too stupid for fear of being scolded by the relationship between the script character set, Xu Bicheng in the early is not a discount enough rookie agent, although graduated from the Whampoa  military academy, but because of the poor ability of thoughts is poor, poor psychological quality, so in the early to my teammates had many trouble. Several more will mate at risk. In the most recent broadcast of the story, "Xu impulsive reckless, trying to save his classmates and friends, but had exposed himself and teammate identity. It is because of the role of Dongyu Zhou is too simple and too naive interpretation in place, so was a large audience of people crazy tucao. In the fixed gear conference earlier, Dongyu Zhou at the scene said worry about the role of the audience will be too stupid to scold, she is trying to play the role of the not so annoying, trying to get to the "Adorable" role in the direction of building. Hope that after the broadcast, the audience will not hate her so. Although even Dongyu Zhou himself in this mind set, but she eventually decided to challenge this role. In the previous interview, she also mentioned many times, can play different types of roles, she is the fun of actors. The role of human Dongyu Zhou two brush script on her past love Xu in the film and television works, female agents are high, the character set". But the role of Xu Bicheng is alive, she is not perfect, have their own advantages and disadvantages. She is kind and simple, but also has a cowardly and timid side, so this role is more real, more humane. This role will be very different in the front and back, closer to the actual situation in life. Dongyu Zhou herself was very angry when she was reading the script, but when she looked at the second time, she became more and more interested in the role of Xu Bicheng. In the intrigues of the times, simple kind of Xu Bicheng is precious. Xu Bicheng has added a touch of warmth to the cold agent role, her gentle, soft and tough is to attract the two major causes of the male, and Dongyu Zhou finally decided to take the role of the important reasons.相关的主题文章: