The world’s first educational robot white paper released 66814

The world’s first robot education white paper published the newspaper news (reporter Lu Qi) recently, Beijing Normal University intellectual learning institute officially released the "2016 global education robot development white paper" (hereinafter referred to as the "white paper"). This is the world’s first educational authority by the education sector for the field of white paper released. The "white paper" pointed out that the educational robot relates to education in the industry of service robot "and" youth robot education "in two aspects, will be the development of third major areas of robot industrial robots and service robots. Although the service robot is in the process of rapid development, but in the field of education to enhance or replace some of the functions of the service robot research is still in its infancy. "White paper" that the school’s educational robots will become an important part of the wisdom of learning environment. With the family education has attracted more and more attention and the "family school" in the rise of global education, robot may be used to peer counseling or assistance, home schooling, learning and development to promote the healthy growth of children. Research shows that in the field of global education robot, citation number at the forefront of the United States, Switzerland, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom, the research mainly focuses on robot education, language education and special education. In the robot into the classroom, Japan and South Korea is widely used. In our country, the educational robot industry chain involves seven types of manufacturers, such as hardware manufacturing, system platform development, application service provision, content supply, system integration, brand and channel, but has not yet formed a complete industrial chain. White paper predicts that the next 5 years, the global market size of educational robots will reach $11 billion 100 million. Among them, the growth of the education service robot market will occupy an important role, its services and content revenues may account for more than 77% of the market as a whole.相关的主题文章: