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There is no suspense! "Newtype" the latest popularity list is known as the plug money list "Newtype" popularity list has always been the focus of attention of fans. Although occasionally there will be some very strange rankings, but on the whole can still reflect the popularity of some of the current role. Recently, according to the picture news, this month’s popularity has also been exposed. The male role, ranking first in the "story" series of protagonist Ara Yoshiki. After basically from the previous "pseudo story" aired, not from the top Jun garbage down. Although this role is not too serious to say, but Shinya Hiroshi’s voice plus some of the characters themselves, or to attract a large number of fans attention. The summit is also expected. The list of second is also the list of regulars, which is derived from the sword God domain, the Tong people. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t appear on the list. And although there is no recent new animation debut, but the novel has won a lot of exposure. Coupled with the next year’s theatrical version, so I am afraid that people will continue to stay on the list for a long time. And the third is the new "your name". "The actor Tachibana long. Because there is no relationship, so we only know that this is a city of high school students, and one day suddenly with the girls in the countryside to exchange the body. But interestingly, because the two sides exchanged the body, then the list is his body, or the sister? As for the fourth ranked role as "Macross" protagonist Immelmann gale. The blast also frequently appeared recently in the list of roles, and is voiced by Uchida Yuma had proved he was not only sister Uchida Marei’s name in the industry to survive. Fifth. A role for "Kaba Nellie" the ikoma. Although this work has been completed for some time, but it seems that the money is still very good plug. And the role itself can not be said that there is no bright spot, after all, the performance of the first episode is enough to prove his charm. In addition, "sword wind legend" Gus, "Re: from scratch different world of life", "the Fate stay foreign night [Unlimited Blade Works] A," red "Gundam" summer "and" wild dog sub writer Nakajima, also on the list. ["Newtype", the latest popular male character TOP10] first you liangmu calendar ("story" series) second kirito ("sword domain of God" (third) Tachibana long "your name. "Immelmann (fourth) the" Macross Delta ") fifth (" a ikoma. "Kaba Nellie Gus (sixth)" sword wind legend ") seventh months (" Re: the food from scratch alien life ") Eighth red A (" Fate stay night [Unlimited Blad]相关的主题文章: