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Chocolate There is a lot of thought and procedure put into the manufacturing and making of different types and different varieties of chocolates. Various substances and materials ranging from rich cocoa to artificial sweeteners are included in these chocolates. The core part of it is made from cocoa beans and from them, the refined chocolate is obtained. Powdered cocoa is then obtained from cocoa beans and the resultant product or power tastes less sweet and more chocolaty. After the extraction, the process is done in two ways. One way is the Dutch process, and this process is alkalized and it mostly removes the bitter taste from dark chocolates, giving it a sweeter flavor. The other variety is the natural variety and it is mostly light brown whereas the alkalized variety is darker. Unsweetened chocolate tastes bitter and is mostly used for cooking and baking. These chocolates are obtained from ground cocoa beans and it is chocolate liquor in its purest form. The cocoa power of this variety acts as the base substance to all types of chocolates except white. The rich cocoa butter and solids can be used to cook and bake a variety of other food items. Sometimes if one walks into a bakery or a home-made chocolate store, you get to taste the richness present in the cocoa powder and choose the required type for making your chocolate. Sugar, vanilla, cocoa butter, solid cocoa and chocolate liquor are some of the substances used in the making of dark chocolates. Unlike other chocolates where milk is one of the chief substances, the dark chocolate contains hardly or no milk in it. The percentage of cocoa should be at least 70 percent. The two subsets of the dark varieties are bittersweet chocolates and semi-sweet chocolates. The FDA or the food and drug administration has a minimum percentage limit of the substances that can be added during the manufacturing of these chocolates. The bittersweet type is less sweet and hence it contains more than 50 percentage of chocolate liquor. There should be a minimum of 35 percent cocoa solids present in the chocolates and semi-sweet type is sweeter than bitter sweet and contains more than 35 percent cocoa solids. The sweet dark variety contains more sugar than the normal dark type and both these types contain zero added milk. They contain more than 20 percent cocoa solids and the Dutch process is mainly used in its manufacture. Milk chocolates are popular among people of all age groups and these chocolates melt and leave a very sweet taste in your mouth. They have got a milder cocoa taste as the taste is mostly overshadowed by a milk filled chocolaty substance. The chief ingredient used to make the white chocolates are cocoa butter and vanilla. The mild and rich taste of this chocolate is the reason behind its popularity and these contain less fat. One shouldn’t fail to try all the different varieties and types of chocolates. Lollies are an all-time favorite. Buying bulk lollies are a good way to save some money. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: