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VOIP Voice over Internet Protocol, short for VoIP refers to the transmission of voice traffic over Internet Protocol (IP) based network. It is a category of both software and hardware that allows people to make use of the Internet. This means that the calls that go over the Internet are traveling over privately controlled data networks that are using IP rather than by traditional circuit transmission to transfer the calls from one site to the other using a carrier system interface. They are then sent over the public controlled telephone network. Making use of a VoIP call is just as creating a normal touch tone telephone and dial the normal phone number any time you wanted to. The person on the other line will not even notice whether you are calling on a VoIP phone or just an ordinary telephone. The main difference is that the phone calls that the VoIP uses travels over the Internet rather than through the local .panys wires. .municating with the Voice over Internet Protocol came to pass in February 1995. Vocaltec, Inc. initiated its Internet Phone software. The call originated on a 486/33-MHZ (higher) personal .puter and telephone. It is equipped with a sound card, speakers, microphone and modem. This determines what type of software or hardware is needed to initiate and .plete a call. The software reduced the voice signal and converted it into IP pockets for broadcast over the Internet. How does VoIP work? VoIP sends a voice signal to a remote destination. To make it happen, you have to digitize it with an Analog to Digital Converter (ADC). Transmit it and transform it again in analog format with Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) to simply use it. This is essentially how VoIP works. It sends calls over the Internet or any other Internet Protocol (IP) network by simply changing voice traffic into data packets. The advantage There are advantages in using VoIP. One major advantage is that it avoids tolls charged by ordinary telephone service. You can talk to the person you want to talk to, as long as you want without paying for the time. In short, you can talk with many people all at the same time. You can also share datas with people you are talking to with, send them images, graphics, tones, videos and many more. Having lower operating costs due to reduced hardware requirements more resourceful network infrastructure. Lower cost structures allow us to offer lower rates of call .pared to a traditional telephone line. The serious dilemma VoIP function and services involve data transfer. An interactive data voice call takes place every time you make some calls. You still have to wait for few seconds to hear if the other side of the line answered it already. This is not best appropriate for this principle. Recent development occurred that they are making adjustments or taking place of the flow of voice signals in an improved manner. But still, respect to the quality of traditional telephone lines should take place in this matter. All of us wants to have high quality phone calls with high accessibility at a low cost rate and an Inter. connection that charges using a flat rate monthly fee structure. With the technology that is present nowadays, that is not a problem anymore. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: