Vacations In Turkey And Greece Stay Away From The Worst

UnCategorized Turkey is known worldwide for its museums and history, as well as its vigorous nightlife. Similarly, Greece is a fantastic destination if you want to experience history and beach parties. However, if you choose to stay at a fleabag hotel, your vacations can easily be spoiled. If you visit Turkey you should stay away from the Marmara Hotel to avoid unpleasant surprises. Since they do not count with a parking lot, they park the car at private lots, without letting you know, and then they charge you an extra fee for it. Plus, since the hotel staff works with certain tourist agencies, they are not .pletely honest about tourist information. They just try to sell you tourist packages provided by the agencies they work with. Thus, you end up spending more money on something, just because they get to charge a .mission. The Pink Palace is another place you don’t want to stay at. They do not honor your reservations. If you booked a double room, you can expect to stay at a singles room. The hotel rooms are dirty, and the food served at the hotel is far from tasty. Even though the hotel is expensive you will find dirty rooms, and poor customer service. Another hotel in Turkey that you should avoid is Berk Guesthouse. Since this is an expensive hotel, you would expect world class service. Nevertheless, once you get to your hotel room, you will find that the air conditioning system does not work properly. The breakfast offered by this hotel includes stale bread, so it is not really pleasant. If you are visiting Greece for your next vacation, then you should refrain from staying at the Letsos Hotel. They charge you extra for every amenity, including air conditioning. In addition, their rooms are nothing like the photos shown on their web site. Also, their staff is unfriendly. Lestos hotel rooms are not quite clean, and to make matters worse, they are really noisy, you can hear music from the discos until early in the morning. A lot of their guests .plained of smelly rooms filled with mosquitoes. Plus, the towels from the bathrooms are not always replaced. To close our list of the worst hotels in Turkey and Greece, we will discuss Magda Hotel. The rooms are dirty, and the furniture is damaged. The hotel needs immediate maintenance. The towels in the rooms are dirty and in a bad condition, and some rooms are smelly. Even though they offer Inter. access, you have to pay extra for it, and it is not available in the rooms. Before booking a hotel, do your research. If possible read some tourists reviews, because just looking at some photos in most cases is not enough. In many cases a photo can be deceiving. Remember that generally refunds are not offered. Like the saying goes it is better to be safe than sorry. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: