Warm soup, for the baby to improve immunity, less cold! Sohu – ca1871

Warm soup, for the baby to improve immunity, less cold! Sohu mother and baby welcome to the kitchen bee dad, today we recommend recipes are: Vegetable tofu soup, the recipe of the practice, suitable for children over 1 years of age. The nutritional value and efficacy of vegetable tofu soup: Food tofu, rich in quality protein, iron, phosphorus, and calcium, magnesium and other trace elements, known as "plant meat" reputation. Tofu digestion and absorption rate of up to 95%, more than one or two tofu, you can meet the needs of the human body a day of calcium. Tofu is easy to digest, very suitable for growth and development of infants and young children, not only can prevent constipation, improve memory, but also to prevent influenza. Ingredients nutritious carrots, invigorating the Liver eyesight role, carotene into vitamin A, vitamin A is essential for normal growth and development of bones, very good to promote the growth and development of infants. Not only that, but also help to enhance the immune function of the baby, let the baby fewer colds; also can reduce the baby eye fatigue and dry eyes, especially along with their parents every day at the mobile phone screen to see the baby can eat. Carrot and tofu is the best partner with calcium, enhance the immune function of the baby, let the baby to reduce colds and eye protection effect. Need to prepare ingredients: tofu, carrots, rape, starch, sesame oil and salt down below to make vegetable tofu soup: the first step, ready to work [1] the tofu cut into small pieces, placed in boiling water for 2 minutes, remove and mash with a spoon, prepared by boiled tofu; more tender. The lower figure [2] carrot is abluent, cut at the end, you can add a little sesame oil and mix well, so, help the body absorb more. The lower figure [3] rape washed, sliced, placed in boiling water, boiled, color, remove and reserve; the lower figure [4] starch in a bowl, add salt, pour water, stir, made of water starch; figure second step down, do soup [1] the tofu mud into the pot, add water, tofu and water ratio of 1:2, after the fire to boil, add carrots, continue to cook for 2 minutes; the lower figure [2] the water poured into the starch, one-sided, while stirring, and thick soup, the rape silk into the mix, remove from heat, pour a few drops of sesame oil, vegetables and tofu soup is ready. Figure bee: Dad tip: if it is for children under the age of 1 to eat salt, little or no相关的主题文章: