Watch the vanguard of the latest version of the angels and PTR enhancement dachiyouxiang

Watch the latest version of the pioneer of angel and PTR strengthen the article you good, two months ago I wrote an angel Raiders, if there is the impression of friends please don’t ask me that anubis and industrial areas where, please experience a lazy cancer pain patients. Originally, I think the last step should be able to make people’s prejudice against the angels is no longer so serious, but in the Anna system and the gradual improvement of the emergence of 303, I realized that I think it is too beautiful. A lot of people on a strengthened version of the angel said the angel let move faster than ever before strengthening, although the treatment amount of angels per second from 50 to 60, but in fact, your teammates blood did not increase twenty percent. How do you say, this is to strengthen the angel can let Tabitha cut after the fast, but the just and open service that will be charged to the angel velocity ratio is not more than. For example, just open service that would an angel not too brush team can quickly move with blood; instead, to strengthen the twenty percent treatment the amount of angels need to do can treat each drop of blood in order to achieve faster ultimate teammate, but to do this requires treatment to cooperate with teammates the chance and teammates have their own consciousness. It can be said that this enhancement allows you to quickly brush can make you full of residual blood outside move faster, but it depends on how to operate your angel. The status of the angel in this version however twenty percent and did not let the angels return to strengthen assist a sister position, flying tactics did not return to the people’s vision. Instead of the Anna system and turned out 303 tactics. 303 tactics, as the name suggests, 3 Tan 3 auxiliary poor angel was so abandoned by the other three auxiliary. After the second season, Anna’s potential has been excavated. In the 303 tactics and Anna of the amount of treatment per second and the ability to immediately raise blood e skills and IMBA’s Q skills in front of the angels of the strengthening of the twenty percent is a little insignificant on the. The angel in this version is a version of the awkward, flying tactics are not welcome any segment. In the country most game player to put the dog low tendency to segment tactics, the high segment of the love with the Anna system (hormone + death hormone and hormone hammer + source etc.) and the angel at the height of this low segment cannot stay high, segmentation is not popular, fast and full play in Wang eight eggs are blind. In short, where to go will not be comfortable, and other skills can be more than three auxiliary or replace, you say embarrassing or embarrassing? The so-called E skills as everyone knows, the angel is not only a e hero skills in watch pioneer ( and small not) so let’s look at a few auxiliary skills, come to talk about what is the angel needs a e skill or something else. The first is to assist emperor Lucio’s skills: 1. Sonic microphone left key 2. Sonic megaphone – right 3. Halo swap -SHIFT 4. Forte -E 5. The sound barrier -Q 6.相关的主题文章: