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Wenchang Chongyang Festival held a thousand gentleman   thousand elderly taste dinner banquet, people.com.cn Hainan window — people.com.cn Wenchang Chongyang Festival held a thousand gentleman   thousand elderly taste dinner banquet source: people.com.cn – Hainan windows     Jiyu   Meng Fansheng     on 09 October 2016 15:01 thousand gentleman the people.com.cn Wenchang 9 October, October 9th lunar September nine Chinese is the doubleninth festival in the morning, the fifth session of the Wenchang city "to celebrate the festival thousand gentleman" in Dong Ge Zhen Bao Fang Hong Qi Cun held the city. From the Po area of more than 1500 people over the age of 70 together to see the show, enjoy dinner banquet. Thousand gentleman meeting, Wenchang 5 centenarians awarded Zibei longevity plaque and a Wenchang Confucius society as "filial good daughter-in-law", "neighborhood good neighbors" and "jiaoziyoufang good parents", "love good Xian" filial piety model issued plaque and bonuses. In 2014, Wenchang was awarded the title of "the hometown of longevity in China". Currently, the city of Wenchang existing 100 years old and above the age of 117, of which the oldest Peng Jinchun old man this year at the age of 116. Wenchang centenarians accounted for the proportion of the city’s total population of 10 to ten million, significantly higher than the proportion of the elderly in the country. In recent years, the Wenchang municipal government issued Huimin policy, according to the old age pension increase year, NCMS, rural old-age pension and the five guarantees a series of policies for the elderly in rural areas have been introduced and implemented effectively to ensure the majority of the elderly rural old age support, medical services. According to reports, the same day more than 1500 people tasting dinner banquet began in the Qing Dynasty Kangxi fifty-two years, Emperor Kangxi hosted the 70 people over the age of more than 2 thousand and 400 in the spring garden, later known as the "1000 gentleman feast". "1000 gentleman feast" longevity old collective dinner activities, the embodiment of respecting the old ideology by people widely recognized, gradually into folk. Wenchang city Confucius President Lin Youchao introduced, Wenchang city folk has a tradition of respecting and caring for the elderly. From the beginning of 2012, Wenchang city Confucius launched a thousand gentleman activities, held annually in different traditional cultural village, practicing filial piety to the traditional virtues of respecting the inheritance of filial piety, the social from all walks of life support. The event was organized by the Wenchang Municipal Committee of the spiritual civilization construction Steering Committee, the Confucius society of Wenchang and the people’s Government of Wenchang. (Ji Yu Meng Fansheng) (commissioning editor Wu Zhangui and Jiang Chengliu)相关的主题文章: