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Alternative You have landed on this page because you are looking for some information about either fibroids or ovarian cysts? Or maybe both? Looking to find out exactly what the difference is between them? Well, to be perfectly honest with you this is a very confusing area indeed and I am happy to provide you with some trustworthy information I have gleaned over the years. First of all, you must know that uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts are both extremely .mon ailments that affect women’s reproductive organs. Any woman of childbearing age can be affected. There is a lot of conflicting information around regarding both conditions and the way they should be treated. So, I suggest we make a short recap before I offer my point of view on the best cures. First, Let’s start with fibroids. Uterine Fibroids are simply some sort of uterine growths that develop overtime in or sometimes around your uterus. They do vary in size but you should not worry too much since most of them are thankfully benign. It is possible to have one or even a few but you may not be aware of it simply because you are not experiencing any symptoms at all. The cause for these growths remain unknown to this day but doctors and medical professionals are still researching what really causes these growths to develop and why some women are more affected than others. Ovarian cysts on the other hand are different. They are sac filled with watery fluid. They usually develop on one or both ovaries. Any woman of childbearing age can get ovarian cysts. As far as pain and dis.fort are concerned, some women experience terrible pain whilst others don’t even notice that they have the condition. This is of course a very unfair thing but there is hope for those who have to go through this ordeal. What you must also know is that 95% of the cysts are non-cancerous so you should not worry too much at this stage. Ovarian cysts tend to be.e painful when they grow large and put some pressure over the nearby organs. Symptoms include pain ac.panied by fever as well as vomiting. You may even experience severe abdominal or pelvic pain in which case I would suggest that you visit your physician for further examinations. Some women have even reported feeling depressed and weak. Right, this is of course a brief outline on the conditions and the most important thing now is to find out whether a cure really exists! Conventional treatments focus on either surgery when a cyst has be.e very large or hormonal therapy to alleviate the symptoms. Do these treatment work? The right answer would be yes and no. So, why do I say so? Surgery can be.e necessary when a cyst threatens other organs or be.e too painful but it will not prevent some further lumps from developing at a later stage. The same applies for hormonal therapy, which is usually used to reduce the symptoms. These days, the real alternative remains natural treatments. Natural cures target the root causes of the condition and prevent further cysts or uterine growth from .ing back at a later stage. Simple recipes along with gentle exercises and dietary tips can help shrink the lumps within weeks and eradicate the condition for good. Moreover, these treatments offer absolutely no side effects and are extremely cheap. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: