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The prisoner is what taste? "Conan" new surrounding darkness "detective Conan" adapted from the Japanese cartoonist Gosho Aoyama created this detective comics. The animation works with its unique plot reasoning by the audience all over the world love. The animation aired so far, Conan cracked many weird cases. In the absence of a criminal suspect who is specified exactly when, in the animation will often use the "men in black" alternative. Recently, businesses have launched a strange "prisoner black curry", feel good dark ah. This "detective Conan" around the product "prisoners black curry" on the packaging, printed with "black people" pattern. A box with 200g for 1 people to eat curry. The man in black and curry together, really, this is a "black" curry? To see how there is a feeling of dark cuisine. We look at the views of netizens. "The surrounding interesting, inexplicably want to try ah." "I want to eat! Want to know what it is." "A prisoner." "This can have, buy buy buy!" "Eat to black people?" "The absolute darkness food." "What’s the taste of curiosity." "People really can play in neon." "This is going to happen?" "Black people into Wanghong."

犯人是什么味道呢?《柯南》新周边好黑暗《名侦探柯南》改编自日本漫画家青山刚昌创作的同名侦探漫画。该动画作品以其独特的推理剧情受到了世界各地观众的喜爱。动画播出至今,柯南破解了许多奇奇怪怪的案件。在没有指明犯罪嫌疑人究竟是谁的时候,在动画中往往会用“黑衣人”替代。最近就有商家推出了一款奇怪的“犯人的黑咖喱”,感觉好黑暗啊。这款《名侦探柯南》的周边产品“犯人的黑咖喱”的外包装上,印有“黑衣人”的图案。一盒装有200g的咖喱,可供1人食用。把黑衣人与咖喱联系在一起,难道真这是一款“黑色”的咖喱吗?怎么看都有一种黑暗料理的感觉。 对此我们来看看网友们的看法吧。“这周边有意思,莫名地想尝试一下啊。”“好想吃!想知道是什么味道。”“一股犯人的味道。”“这个可以有,买买买!”“吃了能变黑衣人吗?”“绝对是黑暗料理。”“好奇会是什么味道。”“霓虹国的人真会玩。”“这是要上天吗?”“黑衣人成网红了。”相关的主题文章: