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Home-Improvement For many years, aluminum siding has been a popular choice for homeowners looking to protect the exterior of their houses. Aluminum does .e with its share of advantages. It is a heavy-duty material that can stand up to harsh weather without buckling or flying off. Aluminum is also relatively easy to maintain. The occasional power wash will usually make aluminum siding look as good as new, making it an appealing option for homeowners who dont have a lot of time or patience for siding upkeep. On the other hand, aluminum siding also .es with a downside, so much so that many siding .panies, including Jeruco Exteriors of New Jersey, are actually discouraging customers from selecting it as their material of choice. Here are some of the reasons why Ruben Jeruco of Jeruco Exteriors tends to advise against aluminum: An outdated look Many homeowners and contractors feel that in the grand scheme of siding materials, the look of aluminum is just plain outdated. For some, an aluminum exterior is too harsh and industrial-looking for .fort. In fact, a recent trend among homeowners has been to replace aluminum siding with vinyl for a softer, more wel.ing look. Money-wise, its not worthy Aluminum is one of the most expensive materials in the world of siding. When you consider the fact that the look of aluminum is be.ing more and more outdated by the minute, its a wonder that anyone would choose to pay top dollar for something that, generally-speaking, looks worse than its cheaper counterparts. Additionally, the appeal of low maintenance is also starting to grow fainter, as more and more homeowners are eventually finding themselves forced to paint their aluminum siding as it fades over time. Its harder to install Aluminum is heavy, making it difficult to handle and cut. As a result, aluminum takes longer to install than other types of siding, which adds to the overall cost of the labor. It is also one of the hardest siding materials to repair. Forget about insulation While not all siding provides insulation, aluminum is just about as cold as it gets. Aluminum, in its natural form, is a cold surface that attracts even more cold. While non-insulated vinyl siding might not do much to lock in warmth, the vinyl itself is more effective than aluminum at deflecting the harsh weather. Even the insulated type of aluminum siding provides little relief from the cold. Since cold weather is drawn towards the metal, any insulating materials are rendered useless due to the nature of the aluminum. The bottom line With all of the modern, sophisticated options available in todays siding market, there is really no reason to go with aluminum unless you happen to truly like it and find yourself drawn to it. However, while some contractors might advise against aluminum, few .panies will actually downright refuse to install it. As long as you know what youre getting into, you can go ahead and ask for aluminum. But dont be surprised if you end up regretting it down the road. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: