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UnCategorized Whether SEO services perform better than Paid Marketing (Pay-per-Click) campaigns in terms of higher ROI (Return on Investment) has always been a debatable topic for many Internet marketers around the world. However, the findings from a study conducted jointly by iProspect and JupiterResearch tilt heavily in favor of SEO services. The survey says that search marketers achieve ROI from SEO Services over three times more than what they gain via Paid Search Marketing. Hence, Search Engine Optimization services are a pretty lucrative and profitable option for many search marketers across the Internet marketing industry. 36% of respondents in the survey hail SEO services as the tool for higher Return on Investment for their businesses. Higher ROI During Economic Downturn via SEO Moreover, some of the very recent business surveys about Search Engine Optimization highlight the higher Return on Investment offered by this effective search marketing tool during the ongoing global economic downturn. Irrespective of the nature of business, .panies of any size and stature can substantially drive down their promotional costs and witness a gravity-defying ROI if they shift their focus to search engine optimization services in the present global recession. No wonder then why an increasing number of .panies are readily adopting SEO services in a bid to reduce their marketing costs and up their return on investment. So, why do so many Internet marketers give SEO services a thumbs-up and swear by organic search marketing as a potential tool that can help improve their bottom-line? Here are some solid reasons why SEO Services perform better than Paid Marketing campaigns: SEO Services vs. Paid Marketing: SEO services score over Paid Marketing campaigns easily with an increasing number of web users finding organic results more relevant to their search queries. A survey conducted by iProspect reconfirms this as its findings indicate 60-70% of the clicks on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) are executed on natural results. Another study from JupiterResearch also concludes that about 6 out 7 clicks .e from organic listings over Paid marketing such as Pay-per-Click listings. SEO Services Inspire Better Credibility: SEO Services ensure that your website is listed organically, tuned for relevant content and maintained on a regular basis for maximum exposure over a long period of time. Moreover, organic search campaigns are a proactive approach as the customers find you in an organic manner for your products and services. This is why 60% of the websites are devoted to SEO services. SEO Services Ensure Free Search Traffic: The secret of SEO Services achieving higher return on investment is anybody’s guess. Once your website is well-optimized, and maintained with a regular low maintenance cost, the ongoing flow of traffic from major search engines is absolutely free. A larger volume of traffic ups your chances of higher conversions leading to higher return on investment. Internet Marketing specialists strongly suggest new .panies try SEO services before embarking on Paid Marketing campaigns to be on the safer side. This is because paid marketing campaigns such as Pay-per-Click or banner marketing are an expensive deal for new .panies .pared to SEO services. Many .panies switch to search engine optimization services after finding paid marketing campaigns too hefty to handle. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: