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Compared to I love you, women want to listen to these three words concerned about the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: Happy temperament fan 01 I have a bestie family is in good condition, the typical white formica. She got married after graduating from University, husband to know, the family is doing business is also very rich, a dandy, a typical mendanghudui. We all went to the wedding ceremony, special style, the envy of the men. That was the first time we met her husband. My bestie boys holding hands smiling standing at the door to welcome the old vision we came, took her husband walked together, we met a few steps. Her husband dressed up very spirit, temperament is also very good, people look handsome and generous, we all joked that you can look at your husband, so handsome boys recruit girls like ah! She giggled and said, he dare not! After two people had also proved quite harmonious, in addition to the two people together business cooperation and win-win, life is not how the couple quarrel, not angry nor cold violence. She called me to her house to play with her last weekend. She has been telling me about her boring, don’t know what to do was boring every day. I said you can find a job, do not stay at home every day, so that the brain will be derailed and social. She said: I know, but now my main job is to keep the body of the baby, the baby also estimated after miscarriage, after the birth of a baby to take care of the children…… She was born with no love on the sofa, the typical Ge You lying. I said you don’t be born in fortunate ah! I have to go to work on a hot day and I don’t want to do, your husband to you much good, contented you! She frowned and asked me, "my husband is really good to me, but why do you think I still feel a little dissatisfied? Although he often buys presents for me, I sometimes think about my ex boyfriend." Her ex boyfriend is her school, two people from freshman to senior, about the love of the past four years. The boy family conditions in general, but especially good for her boyfriend’s birthday when people have to send his girlfriend bag or perfume, boys can not afford to buy it myself, fold 999 paper cranes mounted to her in a glass bottle, said each crane is written inside a word, is to tell her say. Bestie laughed his childish side and very moved, holding the hands of a bottle of cranes, heavy, warm heart. Boys have done a lot of childish things. For example, a class went to the canteen, just to eat bestie to grab the limits of Cola Chicken wings; in winter than other people get up early for half an hour to duoduosuosuo to the library door, only to a place that can ease the pro forma bestie; he weekend tutor, one of the longest to round-trip bus for two hours, just want to earn some money and achieve bestie National Day holiday travel together; he bought a full set of Andersen’s fairy tales, memorize inside)相关的主题文章: