Wuming Ling Wan Lake king of fish was to be investigated whether users indignation wild nibbuns

Wuming Ling Wan Lake "king of fish" was to be investigated whether users indignation wild news review: Guangxi rare fish were killed: hunters also posed the official investigation team has been set up in Guangxi rare "fish king" was the brutal killing of my photos for parties: Recently, several named Wuming Ling Wan Lake (a flower eel commonly known as eel king killed) micro-blog in the hot mouth of Nanning people, micro-blog pictures in a diving suit wearing camouflage man with a gun through the bodies of fish Anguilla marmorata, suspected to show off. Flower eel as the two national animal protection, after watching friends expressed great indignation, have condemned the acts of hunters. Micro-blog exposed fish king "were killed yesterday, the man in the photo of Mr. Yang through the media reporting of the incident, saying that he was not a hunter. In addition, the reporter learned from the Wuming District Agricultural Bureau, the existence of Anguilla marmorata killed, but killed in Anguilla marmorata belong to the wild or cultured to be investigated. Wuming District Bureau of agriculture has been informed of the people involved in the case as soon as possible to explain the situation. Network transmission event: a man hunt exposed micro-blog Anguilla marmorata incident is located in Wuming District, the village of Luo Wei Zhen Po Ling Wan Lake in Wuming, 9 sets of CCTV "secret Guangxi" had this little famous diving sites reported. "Ling Wan Wan Ling Lake cave there is a wild flower eel, there is a shortage of food, suffering oppression, Anguilla marmorata can grow up to 1 meters long, it is not easy." Netizen "love small waves" said the fish character and honest, not afraid of strangers, many divers have seen it, call it as "the king of fish Lake Ling wan". 21 evening, some netizens exposed Ling Wan Lake "king of fish" hunted news micro-blog, causing major micro-blog pictures reproduced, other part of micro-blog also found men diving in the photo, lead to network public opinion upsurge. Shocking photographs, triggered public discussion of Nanning. "Flower eel is two national animal protection, to the investigation of the." Netizen "steamed fish". Netizen snack goods to the world, said: must be severely punished, everything has a spirit, not to mention the protection of animals or two." Netizen silent soldier 16 is that such a person has a problem with the brain, hunting animal show superiority, want to give severe punishment". In addition, some netizens also questioned the authenticity of the picture is part of micro-blog, P map of the suspect. Turning point: camouflage man claiming to be not hunters in the end how the truth? After the incident, the reporter tried to contact the initial release of micro-blog micro-blog, but as of press time, the other did not respond. In the meantime, a reporter from informed sources and learned that the existence of Anguilla marmorata killed, but not kill the man in the photo. For users questioned the authenticity of the micro-blog picture, because some pictures of video shots, slightly blurred, let a person produce the illusion of figure P. Yesterday, photos of the camouflage man Mr. Yang through the media reporting of the incident, said he is not a real hunter. Mr. Yang said, November 20th at 2 pm, he and several friends came to the Wan Ling latent Lake free diving, ashore after 4 p.m., see peer friends hunting a submarine)相关的主题文章: