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Xianyang " " four North County; cross-border brokered precise poverty Fair held in Xunyi western network (Shaanxi radio and television "Shaanxi news network" reporter Zhai Hao) Shaanxi provincial government and the Chinese bank today (September 21st) in Xunyi County of Xianyang City, jointly held the four northern counties of Xianyang cross-border matchmaking fair precise poverty. Governor Hu Heping, Bank of China Governor Chen Siqing attended the meeting and delivered a speech, vice governor attended the meeting of the governor of the State Council of China (CPC), vice governor of China, and vice governor of the people’s Bank of China (cpc. Hu Heping thanks to the Bank of China has long been concerned about Shaanxi’s economic and social development support. He said that the fair China banks relying on cross-border matchmaking service platform, creatively put financial instruments and anti-poverty initiatives effectively, enhance hematopoietic function, to achieve the transformation and development will play a positive role in promoting the poverty-stricken areas in four counties and Shaanxi. At present, we are in accordance with the "catch up" positioning and "five solid" requirements, and strive to promote economic and social development, and resolutely fight to win the fight against poverty. I hope Chinese banks to give full play to capital, technology, management and personnel, continue to increase in the poverty alleviation efforts, to further strengthen the financial credit poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation project industry linkage together, help Shaanxi on schedule to achieve the goal of poverty alleviation. Chen Siqing said that the four northern Xianyang county area poverty alleviation China bank, this time specifically for small and medium enterprises here organized cross-border matchmaking fair, is to help them find the right partners abroad, enter the international market threshold and reduce the cost, enhance the enterprise development ability, better promote the local economic development and people’s employment. In the future, the Bank of China will also give full force, according to the new situation of development and poverty alleviation requirements, do a good job of accurate poverty alleviation work for the north four counties to achieve common prosperity as soon as possible to make a positive contribution. At the meeting, the Bank of Samsung Life Insurance Co to Xianyang North four county donated one hundred vehicles and ten thousand electric wheelchair disabled poor students accidents and serious illness insurance. According to reports, since 2002, the Bank of China in Chunhua, Xunyi, Changwu, Yongshou four counties to carry out poverty alleviation work, total investment funds about 68000000 yuan, invested 2 billion yuan of loans to enterprises in northern four counties, promote the 164 industrial projects of poverty alleviation, relocation, construction of Luqiao. The matchmaking fair invited Italy, Australia and other 7 countries and 9 provinces and cities in a total of 176 enterprises to participate in the negotiations, arrange screenings 285 field, covering agricultural development, animal husbandry and agricultural facilities and other projects.相关的主题文章: