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Yancheng is now the most handsome doctor and drips while patients Yangzi Evening News Network October 29th news (reporter Fan Mu Xiaozi) October 29th, one wearing a white coat with a mask of male doctors, and drips, while doctors photos, in the reporter’s circle of friends in WeChat. Reporters learned that the doctor is a doctor in Yancheng City Binhai People’s Hospital, was rescue the patient, the scene is very touching. Yesterday evening, a micro friends released a message in my circle of friends said: "thank you, but he drips rescue my dad", at the same time, also attached four photos of a male doctor is doctor photos. In the picture, a male doctor wearing black framed glasses, wearing a white coat and wearing a mask, is writing doctor’s orders for patients, and related matters with his family members. Beside him, a man with a high iron support, hanging a bag of salt water, and a bag has been infusion finished. The reporter contacted WeChat friend Liu Haifeng, he told reporters yesterday around 7 pm, his dad heavy she went to the Binhai People’s Hospital, into the ICU, followed by a nurse to call the doctor, see a doctor sitting in the office to see the record. "I said a little bit about my father’s condition, and he immediately ran out of the hanging shelf." Soon after the male doctor had finished the diagnosis, he wrote the doctor’s advice immediately on the medical record. "Did not want to take pictures, see him so seriously, actively videotaping a few, a circle of friends, just want to let friends praise."." This evening, the Yangtze Evening News reporter contacted the circle of friends in the "hero", according to the introduction, he is resident, Binhai People’s Hospital ICU Xie Yue, 28 years old this year, has been a full three years. According to its introduction, more than 7 points that night, they suddenly received two department patients, one is eat, there is a serious infection in patients. "They were so sick that they couldn’t afford it. I was on duty alone, and I was busy until 11." "I’ve been sick for over a week."." Xie Yue said, two weeks ago, the foot accidentally injured, just simply deal with it, this thought can be improved, unexpectedly, inflammation, that affect the normal work, had to hang water treatment. "There are many doctors in our hospital. It’s nothing." Xie Yue told the Yangtze Evening News reporter, he did not know the patient’s family took his photos to my circle of friends, he will sincerely service for each patient, now the patient when the incident occurred, he hopes that more people can see the doctor’s understanding of a doctor to pay.

盐城现“最美男医生” 一边打点滴一边为病人看病 扬子晚报网10月29日讯(记者 范木晓子)10月29日,一位身穿白大褂带着口罩的男医生,一边打点滴,一边为病人下医嘱的照片,出现在记者的微信朋友圈中。记者获悉,这位医生是盐城市滨海县人民医院的一名医师,当时正在抢救病人,现场非常感人。昨天晚上,一名微友发布在朋友圈发布消息称:“辛苦你了,自己打点滴还要抢救我老爸”,同时,还附上四张一名男医生正在就诊时的照片。照片中,一位带黑框眼镜的男医生穿着白大褂,戴着口罩,正在为病人写医嘱,并和病人家属交待相关事宜。在他的身边,一根一人高的铁支架上,挂着一袋盐水,还有一袋已经输液完毕。记者联系上微信好友刘海峰,他告诉记者,昨天晚7点左右,他老爸重因病去滨海县人民医院抢救,进入重症病房后,跟着一名护士去喊医生,看到一名男医生坐在办公室的看病历。“我简单说了一下爸爸的病情,他立刻推着挂着点滴的架子跑了出来。”很快,男医生诊断完毕,立刻在病历上写下医嘱。“本来不想拍照的,看他这么认真积极偷拍了几张,发个朋友圈,就想让朋友赞扬一下的。”今天晚上,扬子晚报记者联系上了朋友圈中的“主人公”,据介绍,他是滨海县人民医院ICU的住院医师,谢越,今年28周岁,从医已经三年整了。据其介绍,当天晚上7点多,他们科室突然接受到两个重症病人,一个是吃老鼠药的,还有一个是重病感染的病人。“他们病情都很严重,都拖不起,当时就我一个人当班,一直忙到11点多。”“已经带病工作一个多星期了。”谢越说,两周前,脚部不慎受伤,刚开始只是简单处理一下,本以为能自行好转,不料,炎症加重了,担心影响到正常工作,不得不挂水治疗。“在我们医院有很多医生都这样,并不算什么。”谢越告诉扬子晚报记者,他根本不知道有病人家属把他照片发到朋友圈,他会真诚服务每一位患者,如今医患事件时有发生,他希望更多的市民能看到医生的付出,对医生多一分理解。相关的主题文章: