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Wealth-Building For many people, success is a destination to be reached at some point in the future its out there somewhere and often feels like a struggle with no solution which just leads to a sense of frustration. A much better metaphor for success and the achievement of financial freedom is that its a journey, rather than a destination. Hence, I am very fond of Earl Nightingales definition of success as the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. You already have the ability to achieve financial freedom and success deep within you and it just needs to be revealed in the same way as you long had the ability to ride a bicycle or ski before conquering the fear and just doing it. So the journey to financial freedom is highly experiential and the latent ability has to be revealed to achieve financial freedom. Another powerful metaphor here is floating in water for the first time. You have had the ability to float since birth but had to stop flailing around in the water before the ability could be revealed and floating became possible. So you were born to achieve financial freedom but have been conditioned to remain where you are as a result of beliefs picked up early in life. If all you ever think about are the beliefs others have given you, then youll keep getting the same results again and again. The subconscious mind capped at around age 7 and can continue to drive thoughts, feelings, actions and results for life until a process of self-development consistently interrupts the limiting patterns and replaces them with new and more productive ones. Until the subconscious mind aligned with the conscious mind and your latent ability to achieve financial freedom, nothing will change. To unlock the ability to achieve financial freedom, its vital to consistently expose yourself to new thoughts, ideas and emotions through personal development. Read 10 pages of a good personal development book each day and this slight edge habit will .pound to around 12 books a year. Use . time as Tony Robbins calls it (No Extra Time) by turning your car into a mobile classroom. Significantly reduce the amount of time spent watching TV or better still, lose the TV altogether as I did 2 years ago and put the average 20 hours time each week to a more constructive use. The ability to achieve financial freedom is deeply ingrained within all thats needed is for you to reveal it to yourself by taking action. Start the journey today! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: