You can use the mikme wireless Mic king Mike to play the national karaoke!-truffe

You can use the Mikme wireless Mic king Mike play all the ktv! Tencent digital news (Kevin) if you are a Mic king, will not meet at the weekend to the KTV, in fact at home to open the mobile phone in "all the people can enjoy singing, singing" (please do not disturb the neighbors night wolf). I want to say is, you use the mobile phone with what karaoke microphone? Mobile phone itself? With the low-end headset Mike? Obviously, these are not your song points, but will decrease. Obviously, a qualified Mic king needs a high quality microphone, may wish to look at this in the Indiegogo on the success of the public to raise Mikme. What about its achievements? More than 11 times the amount of fund-raising target…… The reason for the success of Mikme is very simple: fashion, easy to use, powerful. First of all, it is a very beautiful, very feel of the Bluetooth microphone Mike, can be connected to any intelligent mobile phone, you can press the button above the tape. If you love to play guitar music, press the Mikme button with inspiration, you can record the wonderful note; if you are a reporter, Mikme clearly than holding mobile phone more range and more relaxed, the capacity of 16GB and 7 hours, recording any interview is not a problem. Of course, Mikme is a 24bit 96KHz audio recording of high quality microphone, you can completely replace the iPhone or Android mobile phone or headset is a simple body Mike, open the "national K song" for fans to sing a song! Mikme has its own application, can achieve the recording editing, editing, and share with friends.

麦霸们可以用Mikme无线麦克玩全民K歌了!腾讯数码讯(Kevin) 如果你是一个麦霸,肯定不满足于周末去K歌,事实上在家里打开手机中的“全民K歌”,就可以尽情演唱(请不要深夜狼嚎打扰到邻居)。我想说的是,你用手机K歌时用什么麦克风?手机本身的?附带的低端耳机麦克?显然,这些都不会为你的歌曲加分,反而会减分。显然,一个合格的麦霸需要一款高质量的麦克风,不妨来看看这款在Indiegogo上众筹成功的Mikme。它的成绩?超过集资目标金额11倍……Mikme成功的原因很简单:时尚、易用、强大。首先,它是一款很漂亮、也很有麦克风感觉的蓝牙麦克,可以连接至任何智能手机,按下上面的按键就可以录音。如果你很喜欢弹吉他作曲,有了灵感时按下Mikme按键,就可以记录美妙的音符;如果你是一个记者,Mikme显然比举着手机更有范更轻松,16GB容量和7小时续航,记录任何采访都不成问题。当然,Mikme还是一款可录制24bit 96khz音频的高品质的麦克风,你完全可以替代iPhone或是Android手机简陋的机身或是耳机麦克,打开“全民K歌”给粉丝们唱一曲吧!Mikme拥有自己的应用程序,可以对录音实现剪辑、编辑,并与好友分享。相关的主题文章: