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You just have years of trials and hardships, the rest of the care of public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! This article from the WeChat public, "good night" disease in the feelings of the things you just thinking of trials and hardships, the rest of the time of its own care some time ago met a girl asked me the related matters of marriage, I also for such things in marriage, love is not clear, but the spirit of help and help the mentality, really embarrassed, I usually stay neutral, because two people have come together there must be a lot of people do not understand the fate, and now the division may be third kinds of feelings is everything, perhaps fate has done. The girl is thirty years old, married a year, two years of divorce, divorce when the child has not yet been born, and now the children are two years old. As for who can say clearly. The key is the home to marry the reminder of the serious, often under the banner of "don’t marry off really nobody wanted" coercion. For example, some parents give her similar events, such as the friend’s daughter, after the divorce of a man with children, now have a daily life, no night, not only to take care of the children living but also busy with their work and housework, now less than forty, and her mother looked like the old, live more rough ah. Another example of a colleague, the previous work of the single women, they have no children, but life is really poor, before the age of thirty with his good looks always aloof, after thirty years old appearance gradually lost their own conditions and more demanding, so now after forty, is still single. The parents of these reasons really impressed by the girl, she asked me what to do? I told her to follow my own thought, and the way life was never meant to be. If you really like the present life, why should care about their age, eighty years of life to pursue life, and also give up the life of the age of twenty. I remember some time ago, the news, eighty-two year old woman also from skydiving, because the old lady likes to pursue exciting life, even if it is already in the fight to fight a spell of eight. The twenty year old Xunsimihuo threw jump is not a minority, so your life and your age. Life has nothing to do with age I know a friend in the classes to learn English, is old, he is on the stage with poor English self introduction, I remember he said is fifty-six years old, is the oldest student in the class. Because when young love life, has always been a world of ideas, but there was no time and money to achieve, and now have time and money, but the age has been big, the family repeatedly advised, but he has always insisted on their own, so for the English class, preparing for the six after traveling around the world. Arguably, what age are slow, have missed the best age to learn something, so he is the most diligent in our class a student, every day does not stop the hands of the pen draw in the book, recite words kept his mouth. Although he is now retired, but life is still full, what life is like, he相关的主题文章: