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Unreasonable cheap travel travel agency need heavy regulation standard management is fundamental recently, the National Tourism Bureau began to rectify the market unreasonable problems of low-cost travel, many travel agencies have that attitude to the integrity of management, in November 2nd announced the first batch of public commitment to the integrity of business travel agency list, but the standard operation of the entire tourism market is also on the strength of the parties to jointly safeguard the. The standardized operation of travel agency is the basic national tourism administration’s call for the national tourism enterprises to make a voluntary commitment to the integrity of the business has received a positive response from industry associations and tourism enterprises. As of now, a total of 668 tourism enterprises in 23 provinces and local tourism association signed a voluntary "travel agency business integrity undertaking", mainly including China CYTS, CITS, Beijing Kaiser, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing UTS Ctrip way cattle and with the way tourism etc.. This is a heavy attack crackdown on cheap travel is unreasonable, many traditional travel agencies and online travel platform also showed very resolute attitude and determination. Director of Department of law, Beijing International Studies University School of international law, Beijing law society, Tourism Law Research Associate Professor, deputy secretary general Shen Haien stressed that for many travel agencies, must be aware of the "unreasonable low price tour" is not only the legitimate rights and interests of tourists is more of the infringement, the interests of self harm, start from their own, to create a good business environment for themselves, promote the travel industry organizations, through industry self-regulation to regulate market order. To further improve the relevant laws and regulations to associate professor Hayne told the Beijing morning news reporter, "the provisions of the first paragraph of article thirty-fifth of the tourism law", travel agencies not to organize tours unreasonably low prices, lured tourists and charged separately by arranging shopping or tourism projects for kickbacks and other improper benefits. "Anti unfair competition law," article eleventh, the operator shall not exclude competitors for the purpose of selling goods at a price lower than the cost of. "Travel regulations" provisions of article twenty-seventh, the travel agency shall not be less than the travel cost of the offer to attract tourists. The future should also be in the "travel agency regulations" in the process of modification, clear the tourists arbitrarily cancel the shopping, pay for the project and no need to pay any fees. The increase in travel shopping, otherwise pay the risk of the project, as far as possible to travel through the shopping, forcing dispel fee Project Zero negative cost operation idea. Regulatory efforts should be put in place in the current increasingly free environment of the tourism market, regulatory responsibilities are particularly important. Associate professor Shen Haien said, as the regulatory authorities, should be strictly in accordance with the provisions of the "tourism law" and relevant laws and regulations, in accordance with the "National Tourism Bureau on the organization to carry out rectification" unreasonable low price tour "special action notice" the spirit of the document, the "unreasonable low price tour" illegal acts should be long-term and persistent blow, truly "the law must be strictly enforced, and law breakers must be prosecuted". First, should be investigated by the organization of travel service industry, to develop the local tourism team daily minimum consumption reference price and tourism product integrity guidance, to the public, as the cognizance of "unreasonable low price" standard. This is the fundamental premise of the fight against unreasonable cheap tour violations. Second, try to build travel agencies.相关的主题文章: