Zhejiang ice breaking European high-end large furniture cross-border online shopping jessica rabbit

Zhejiang ice breaking European high-end large furniture cross-border online shopping network – Hangzhou, August (Xinhua) 26 electric (Ni Zhuifeng) large commodity online shopping market has been difficult. Headquartered in Zhejiang, Europe’s top furniture purchase service platform intended HOME () took the lead in solving the problem of cross-border direct purchase of European furniture in Europe, to achieve a breakthrough in the online shopping market. Recently, Alibaba also announced that it will be done in the vertical field of furniture deep through cross-border industries. As a leader in the field of domestic e-commerce, Alibaba this move caused no small repercussions in the industry. Lv Hua is the leading European top furniture direct purchase service platform (HOME) founder of the club, he said, the current Tmall Jingdong and other mainstream business platform in the field of foreign high-end custom furniture is almost blank, the main reason is that this kind of products from the selected products, consulting, customization, logistics, customs clearance, install maintenance of each link must be highly specialized, and custom orders to the goods from the period reached between consumers long and uncertainty, if not a good business model and a sound service support, almost impossible to achieve. In solving the problem of cross-border online shopping furniture, Italy HOME model has become a subject of concern. Italian club HOME positioned himself as the "direct purchase of top European furniture service provider", only beginning to provide cross-border logistics services, such as consumer travel abroad since the purchase of furniture, Italy with HOME shipped back home to provide services, with the online shopping market model to continuously explore and the gradual development of "cross-border Online direct purchase + offline full service" the. Now, it is still with HOME has always been to serve as the starting point, with a high degree of professional cross-border logistics and customs clearance services, logistics, cross-border trade will go to the Internet model and professional level among the combination of the top European furniture purchase, and established a complete overseas warehousing, delivery overseas export declaration, China customs duties, VAT, customs clearance, inspection China entry quarantine of the whole process of health, ensure that this mode of operation in the legal environment of the sun. Mentioned foreign furniture brands, Italy furniture brands in recent years in China is very influential. Relevant data statistics, 29.48% of the proportion of sales so that Italy furniture firmly occupy the first place in the list of imported furniture sales. Italy furniture in the history of the world furniture occupies a pivotal position, its art and science and technology, the perfect combination of traditional and modern lead the global fashion and fashion design. It is reported that Italian club HOME provides Italy furniture brand online online shopping, users can directly concerned with HOME official website of online consultation, product selection, to determine the purchase list after all means will make the offer, in accordance with the exchange rate of Euro settlement payment 50% down payment, the user can wait in the installation technician on-site installation of furniture. Furniture will be customized by the original factory in Italy, each product is completed by the European factories and craftsmen, the production cycle of 2-3 months. In addition to services, another important factor in supporting the HOME model is the price. Italy HOME directly with the European top furniture brands to achieve cooperation in the middle, so that domestic and European markets with the same相关的主题文章: