Zhengzhou’s night inside the car died 10 hours after being found (video) bloxorz

Zhengzhou’s night inside the car died 10 hours after it was discovered in September 29th in the morning received a public warning, Zhengzhou Xinyi Road and the intersection of the temple of Zhang Ji phase in front of the District, a taxi stopped for several hours without moving in the side of the road, the driver kept the same posture in the driver’s seat, when the police and emergency personnel arrived, the driver has no signs of life. Henan traffic radio reporter Xiao Cui from the scene learned that the taxi driver about the age between 55 to 60 years old, the time of death has been more than 10 hours, the cause of death is sudden onset of disease failed to timely rescue due to sudden death. Today, a lot of people in the middle age of a similar situation, then what is the cause of sudden illness? Reporter then found the chief physician Liu Hengliang and the matter was analyzed. Liu said that there are a lot of sudden death, but most appear in cardiovascular disease. Some patients with cardiovascular disease in hot weather or cold weather, more prone to problems. Especially in the case of patients who do not know their own physical problems, the sudden emergence of sudden death is mostly due to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases caused by. In addition, the taxi driver in the work is hard, some drivers to pull to eat is not the law, as well as the driver of a day shift night shift run, not enough rest. This has resulted in a long period of excessive fatigue, and these are the important causes of sudden cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. In addition to some chronic diseases, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, severe diabetes, cardiovascular disease history is also worth noting. It is better to carry out regular inspection or drug intervention to reduce the occurrence of accidents. Video: be over 100 meters taxi driver suffered cry scene相关的主题文章: