Zhu Ting finished the first show of Turkey league match with the local fans after the game (pictured-plants war

Zhu Ting finished the Turkey League debut game with the local fans photo (Figure) Zhu Ting (front right) in the game with the local fans photo Manisa Xinhua News Agency China news, Turkey women’s volleyball team spiker Keifer watt bank club players Zhu Ting 30 in Turkey, the western city of Manisa to meet her in Turkey women’s Volleyball League debut, helping the team: 3 0 beat Salamikesang team. This is the first formal competition of Zhu Ting since the world cup. In addition to the first start to hit the opponent blocking tile, Keifer bank team game take the initiative, with 25: 21, 25, 17, 25: 13 beat. Zhu Ting played most of the previous two games, and the middle of the third game was replaced by a team ahead of the team. In the match, Zhu Ting got 11 points, of which 20 spiking scored 9 points, spiking scoring rate was 45%, blocking scored 2 points. In an interview after the game, Zhu Ting said he was satisfied with his pass and block, hope to continue in the future, but the spike appeared several mistakes. The first time to play the Turkey League, Zhu Ting expressed the feeling of the enthusiasm of the fans, hope to return to Istanbul next week, but also to experience the enthusiasm of the home fans. Keifer watt bank team in November 2nd will be the home court against galatasaray.

朱婷完成土耳其联赛首秀 赛后与当地球迷合影(图) 朱婷(前右)在赛后与当地球迷合影   新华社马尼萨专电 中国女排主攻手、土耳其瓦基弗银行俱乐部球员朱婷30日在土耳其西部城市马尼萨迎来她在土耳其女排联赛的首秀,助球队3∶0击败萨拉米克桑队。   这是朱婷自世俱杯后的首场正式比赛。除了首局开局阶段遭遇对手阻击外,瓦基弗银行队全场比赛占据主动,以25∶21、25∶17、25∶13击败对手。   朱婷打了前两局的大部分时间,第三局中段球队遥遥领先时被换下。全场比赛朱婷得到11分,其中20次扣球拿下9分,扣球得分率为45%,拦网得2分。   赛后接受采访时,朱婷表示对自己的一传和拦网很满意,希望今后能继续保持,但是扣球出现了几次失误。   第一次打土耳其联赛的比赛,朱婷表示感受到了现场球迷的热情,希望下周回到伊斯坦布尔后也能体验到主场球迷的热情。   瓦基弗银行队将于11月2日主场对阵加拉塔萨雷队。相关的主题文章: